Pursue a Personal Interest

Stuck in the ordinary? No work life Balance?

Volunteering in your community is an amazing way to escape the ordinary and moving to extraordinary! Volunteering in something new or different is a great way to shake up your routine. Finding new interests, passions and hobbies through volunteering can be fun, relaxing and rewarding providing you with more energy and a positive outlook to the day. It may allow a temporary escape from your day-to-day routine of work, school, or family commitments.

Volunteering also provides you with renewed creativity, motivation, and vision that can carry over into other aspects of your life. The sense of fulfilment you receive from your volunteer work can carry over to other aspects of your home and work life. If you are doing something you enjoy and see the positive community impact you may find yourself less stressed, more inspired, more motivated and develop new perspectives on old issues. Even more exciting, a volunteer experience can lead you to learn something new about yourself such as discovering a new passion or strength.

Through volunteering you might just strengthen your personal/professional outlook and discover a whole new personal potential.

What if I don't have time to volunteer?

Many people volunteer in order to make time for hobbies outside of work or other commitments. For instance, if you have a desk job and long to spend time outdoors, you might consider volunteering to help plant a community garden, lead local events, shovel snow for seniors or help at a festival within Fort Saskatchewan.

"Volunteering is multi faceted, not only does it touch the lives of others but at the same time it enriches our own life." - Author unknown