Develop or Learn a New Skill

Develop or Learn a New Skill

Volunteering is a great way to discover something you are passionate about or to develop new skills in an area you already enjoy. It’s never too late to gain new skills and there is no reason why you should stop learning just because you are in the workforce or have completed school. For example, planning and implementing an event can help you develop organizational, planning, budgeting and teamwork skills.

By supervising and teaching other volunteers what you know, you can develop or refine your training, leadership and interpersonal skills. People often associate developing skills with job progression or to add to their resume. Volunteering is so much more that a line on your resume, it provides real life experiences, personal fulfillment and positively impacts those around you.

A volunteer who is helping build a float may discover a new talent for design and art. Somebody who is assisting a community team may discover a new love of a sport or special event. 

Volunteering and employment-related benefits

The desire to improve job opportunities is a much more common motivation for volunteering among younger and unemployed volunteers than it is among other volunteers, we can all continue to grow and learn.  Volunteering can also be a great jump start for those entering or re-entering the workforce.

“Life is an adventure. It’s not the destination we reach that’s rewarding. It’s the journey along the way.”- Barbara Morina
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