Volunteer Centre Fort Saskatchewan

Volunteer Centre
of Fort Saskatchewan

Fort Saskatchewan is proud of the many volunteers who offer their hard work, caring attitude and dedication to our community programs. Volunteer contributions and gifts of time are truly valued and appreciated. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, contact the Volunteer Centre. 

Wendy Rhodes, Program Coordinator

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TN: (780) 992-6281

Fax: (780) 992-0192

Office Location:
10015 – 102 Street
Fort Saskatchewan, AB
Behind City Hall
The Volunteer Centre of Fort Saskatchewan has been established in our community for over 30 years. The Centre is a program of the Volunteer Programs Association (VPA). The VPA is a non-profit, registered society with a charitable tax number. The Volunteer Centre is funded by Family & Community Support Services. 

Mission: Volunteer Centre

To encourage volunteerism by offering opportunities for individuals and families to share and enhance their skills in partnership with agencies and organizations to strengthen our community.

What do we do at the Volunteer Centre

  • Engages and refers volunteers within the community
  • Organizes Volunteer Week activities and other events
  • Co-sponsors Volunteer Leadership & Networking Opportunities (Workshops)
  • Provides information to community organizations in the area of volunteer program management
“We give to others not out of sense of obligation, but out of a sense of sincere appreciation for what our community has given us.” - Frank M Hubbard