Check out answers to common volunteer questions

Who Can Volunteer?

Volunteers can be individuals of all ages, backgrounds and talents. A volunteer can be anyone who has a sincere concern for others.

What volunteer opportunities are available?

The choice is yours! Volunteer opportunities include working with youth, working with seniors, participating as a board or committee member, assisting with special events and more!

Where can I volunteer?

The Volunteer Centre has a list of many volunteer opportunities within our community and beyond.

When can I volunteer?

Volunteering can happen anytime. There are volunteer opportunities that are long- term and short- term depending on the activity.

Why volunteer?

  • Help others and get involved in your community
  • Meet new people and make new friends
  • Learn new skills and share your knowledge with others
  • Pursue special interests and gain work experience
  • Have fun!

How can I begin my volunteer work?

Contact the Volunteer Centre or call us at 780-992-6281.

Where is the Fort Sask Volunteer Centre?

We are located in the lower level of the Library - 10015 102 St Fort Saskatchewan
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